Flo Rida Wants To Work With Lady Gaga Again (Yes, They Worked Together Once)

Carl Williott | June 15, 2016 10:42 am

A long time ago, in a pop galaxy far, far away, Lady Gaga teamed up with Flo Rida. Of course all the hardcore Monsters know this, but causal Gaga fans may not know or remember that the rapper was featured on “Starstruck,” an underrated deep cut off her 2008 debut The Fame. And after working with pop luminaries like Sia, Kesha and Jennifer Lopez (we’ll ignore that Nickelback collab), Flo’s apparently ready to return for more of that Gaga magic, saying eight years on he’d love to work with her again.

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Speaking to Digital Spy about his in-progress fifth album, the Florida pop rapper said he’d be open to reuniting with any number of leading ladies he’s worked with before. “I love what Sia’s doing, so I wouldn’t mind working with her. Someone like Gaga, she’s always interesting. It would only add to what I’ve got going on now.”

You think Gaga would be down to return the favor on his new album? She’s made stranger decisions.

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