New Find: Alma Is The One Who Knocks On Debut Single “Karma”

Carl Williott | June 15, 2016 4:49 pm

“I bring the karma, you better run, run, run yeah, it’s coming your way / I bring the karma, you better run, run yeah, that bitch don’t play.” That is how you introduce yourself! Alma hails from Finland, but on her debut single “Karma” she speaks the universal language of vengeance.

You may expect that kind of theme to be delivered over some intense drums or a trap-inflected beat, but this one is light on percussion. Instead, the focus is on the 20-year-old’s swagger and just-reedy-enough voice, along with a bass line that echoes the future Chicago house heard on Kanye’s “Fade.”

Alma may be an unknown here, but across the pond she’s gaining steam, with “Karma” garnering nearly two million Spotify streams in less than two weeks. Hear why below.

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