Icona Pop Unveils The Cover Of Louis The Child Collaboration “Weekend”

Mike Wass | June 15, 2016 8:46 pm

Icona Pop has teamed up with Chicago duo Louis The Child for a club banger called “Weekend.” Co-written by lil aaron, the track drops July 1 and will be preceded by a string of remixes. How did the collaboration come about? “We’ve been writing on our album, it’s coming out early next year, and we met the guys in the studio,” Aino told me at Coachella. “They showed us a track that we fell in love with.”

“We started to write over the track and we felt directly like, ‘We need to get this song out because it’s a summer song’,” she continued. “Now Louis the Child, the guys, are really good friends of ours and we’re doing more stuff with them as well. It’s a fun combo because we are so different, but so alike.” They have something else in common. “It’s fun that we’re two best friends and they’re two best friends,” Caroline explained.

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