You Tried It: The Good, The Bad & The Alex Schar Of This Week’s Reader Comments

Robbie Daw | June 17, 2016 6:09 pm

It was an extremely somber week following a series of tragic events that all occurred in the city of Orlando, Florida, including the mass shooting at gay nightclub Pulse, the slaying of singer and onetime Voice contestant Christina Grimmie and the killing of a two-year-old boy at a Disney World hotel.

We spent the week covering these topics from the angles of how musicians in the pop world reacted, the tributes that happened in the aftermath and the ways we all were affected by such sad, senseless tragedies.

Naturally, our readers had plenty to say in the wake of everything that’s happened in Orlando, and about some of the week’s lighter moments in pop. Head below for our roundup of what you chimed in with over the past seven days.

rihanna this is what you came for

Ri-lentless Reader Of The Week: WordsWithSam

How impressed was this guy with the cheapo-looking effects he saw in our writeup Rihanna Walks Through Clubland In Calvin Harris’ “This Is What You Came For” Video: Watch? Not much: “Director at treatment pitch: ‘We want you in the hottest club in town, surrounded by hundreds of people dancing and having a great time.’ Rihanna: ‘Cool, just make them be nowhere near me and actually not there at all’.”

Agent For Change…Or Not: Mark

He was less than Xtatic with Xtina upon the premiere of “Change”: “Using the tragedy to launch a new album cycle seems opportunist. I am sure she was well intentioned, but still…I am not a fan of this… The song isn’t that great either….”

Recipient Of The Week’s Way-Harsh Award: @ChlorofomCasey

And finally…


The Most: Alex Schar

So, the previous week we posted the following tongue-in-cheek tweet. (Okay, okay — we tried it.)

That prompted 18-year-old Dallas diva/Fifth Harmony stan Alex to put together the below video ranting about our humble site. The nerve! Just kidding, Alex, you made us laugh. Thanks for that…and stay shook!

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