Britney Spears’ 14 Most Notable Collaborators

Jonathan Riggs | July 15, 2016 10:05 am

Madonna (co-writer, duet partner, kissing partner)

Album: In The Zone (2003) Collaboration: The pop world prepared to be rocked to its foundation when its two biggest female superstars teamed up for “Me Against The Music”…then continued on as this pelvic-thruster flopped. The YouTube Verdict: “TRUE QUEENS BYONCE IS SHHHIITTT”

R. Kelly (songwriter)

Album: In the Zone (2003) Collaboration: Most fans remember “Outrageous” as the song where Britney hurt her knee while filming the video and potentially altered the course of her career and life; true fans remember that it was slated to be the theme song for Halle Berry‘s Catwoman and was ultimately scrapped for (the albeit superior) “Scandalous” by Mis-Teeq. The YouTube Verdict: “Things that fucked up her career: The injury, and fucking Kevin Federline.”

Kevin Federline (aforementioned husband/babydaddy, duet partner)

Album: Playing With Fire (2006) Collaboration: Britney sang the hook on this cut on Federline’s rap debut, for which some fans are still demanding vengeance. The YouTube Verdict: “i fucking hate this guy for ruinning our QUEEN’S life !”