Sky Ferreira Gives Crass ‘L.A. Weekly’ Column About Her Undeserved Acknowledgement With Long Series Of Tweets

Robbie Daw | June 21, 2016 12:11 am

When Sky Ferreira came into our New York office to meet us for an Idolator interview in April 2014, she was shy, sharp and polite. Four months prior, we’d called her debut album, Night Time, My Time, the best one of 2013. The two of us had a chat about Ferreira’s hero, Kurt Cobain — particularly about the different biographies on the late Nirvana singer we’d each read over the years — and she was excited to be informed that an exhibit of the final professional photos of him ever taken, by Jesse Frohman, was then on display at the Dream Hotel Downtown, not far from our office.

A much different idea of Sky Ferreira was the subject of an L.A. Weekly column called “Sky Ferreira’s Sex Appeal Is What Pop Music Needs Right Now,” written by one Art Tavana and published on Friday, June 17. The singer herself did not take part in the piece — part of the publication’s “Art Tavana vs. the World” series of writeups “in which L.A. Weekly‘s angriest (and nerdiest) music critic, Art Tavana, takes on his many nemeses in an ambitious quest to boldly go where no other critic has gone before.”

And just where did Tavana boldly go? Basically, he talked on and on and on about the singer’s breasts, which — newsflash — are on display on the cover of her 2014 album.

“Both Sky and Madonna have similar breasts in both cup size and ability to cause a shitstorm,” the piece presented. The writer later stated that, upon initially seeing the Night Time, My Time cover art, he “couldn’t help but reminisce about Madonna’s defiantly atomic boobs — the two knockers that altered the course of human history.” And it went on: “…we almost never have the audacity to admit that her looks —specifically, her Madonna-ness — is her most direct appeal to the American consumer.” Scrolling further reveals, “She’s too nasty to be anyone’s schoolgirl fantasy; she looks like an unvarnished Madonna styled by Maripol, with the vaguely mystical presence of Nico and the faux-punkness of a Sex Pistols groupie.”

Jesus. Enough Madonna comparisons?

To L.A. Weekly‘s credit, the paper’s music editor, Andy Hermann, gave an apology over the weekend, wherein he stated that “it’s clear that most of the people who read it feel pretty passionately that we crossed into offensive territory,” and “I am not here to make excuses; instead, I will say that, in this line of work, we make judgment calls on what to say and how to say it all the time, and sometimes we get it wrong. This time, Tavana and I got it wrong.”

Anyway, Sky responded on Monday (June 20) night with a lengthy string of tweets, which you can read below.

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