New Find: Cherryade Are More Sour Than Sweet On “Fractured Fairytales”

Carl Williott | June 21, 2016 4:35 pm

We’ve got a prickly little beast for you today. British duo Cherryade comes out swinging with “Fractured Fairytales,” which plants them firmly among fellow British future-pop troublemakers like Charli XCX and GIRLI who are building on the UK’s recent pop tradition of fast-talking females.

The song is doomy but not dark, danceable but not tailored to the club, and the beat switch-up at the hook is more of a rush than any cacophonous drop could ever be. It’s a song with big ideas and big sounds, but nothing gets lost in the mix.

The pair wrote the track, and it was produced by Shaun Canning of Atom Tree. Hear it below.

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