Tyler, The Creator Drops “Pillowtalk” Remix, Says Zayn Malik “Flaked On Studio Sessions Twice”

Rachel Sonis | June 22, 2016 4:31 pm

Flakey behavior is the worst. It especially sucks when you’re the person being flaked on. Tyler, The Creator can relate.

Last year, the Cali rapper and Zayn Malik talked about making “epic album cuts” of Malik’s debut solo LP, Mind Of Mine. But apparently those plans fell through, and Tyler went on Twitter yesterday (June 21) to explain why, noting that the former One Direction member “flaked on studio sessions twice.”

But, Tyler still went ahead and cut his own remake of Malik’s lead single “Pillowtalk,” which is endlessly joyous and funky. He also put out a video of himself dancing to the remix, tweeting “I HAD NO ART TO GO ALONG WITH THIS SO I RECORDED MYSELF DANCING TO IT. THEY MIGHT TAKE THIS DOWN.”

Watch below.

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