Pop Perspective: Jamie Lynn Spears’ “Sleepover” Rated & Reviewed

Mike Wass | June 24, 2016 2:02 pm

At Idolator, the editors share a passion for high-quality pop. Occasionally, our tastes align. Other times, not so much. So, in the spirit of debate (and online drama), we’ve developed a recurring feature called Pop Perspective. In a nutshell, our editors dissect a particularly noteworthy pop-happening, and give it a rating out of 10.

That way you’re getting a full spectrum of views and we can all vent. (It’s cheaper than therapy!) The latest event to be dragged under the Idolator microscope is Jamie Lynn Spears’ “Sleepover,” which arrived on iTunes last night. Is the breezy country-pop anthem destined to be a hit or has she missed the mark? Read our thoughts below.

Robbie Daw — 5/10

It’s a novelty to hear a Spears who’s not filtered through Auto Tune, and so I’m glad to know the more talented sibling of the clan is staging a comeback. That said, “Sleepover” ironically lives up to its title. Jamie Lynn probably fancies this country-pop ballad to be the soundtrack for the next time you and Bubba bang in the hayloft. Instead, it’s better left as Target Muzak during your next toilet paper run.

Rachel Sonis — 6/10

Screw it – I like this song. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel as far as country-pop ballads go, but it’s the kind of twee, love-sick number that’ll get the best of me in the most introspective of hours. Probably at 2 a.m. When I’m trying to sing this to a slice of pizza.

Carl Williott — 6/10

This kind of thing just isn’t my thing, so I’ll try to be fair with my horribly ill-informed opinion on this song. Main takeaways: She sounds good! It’s pleasant! The lyrics are cute! It’s summer sunset music! I haven’t heard a classic guitar lead like that in ages! It seems like a passable stopgap in between Kacey Musgraves and Carrie Underwood albums! If it weren’t Britney Spears’ sister, would we be talking about it? Definitely not! But again, I am just a dilettante.

Mike Wass — 7/10

From early ’00s LeAnn Rimes (“Life Goes On” and “Suddenly”) to pre-Red Taylor Swift, I have a real soft spot for sugary sweet country-pop. And Jamie Lynn lands squarely in that territory with “Sleepover” — a breezy anthem about openly admitting you want more than a one-night stand from the very outset. As Rachel said, the song doesn’t reinvent the wheel. But it’s a perfectly enjoyable addition to any country playlist and proves there’s much more to the 25-year-old than a famous sibling. Bring on the EP/album.


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