Flashback To Destiny’s Child Most Hilarious Interview

Mike Wass | June 29, 2016 5:09 pm
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Given Beyonce’s carefully-curated public image and general aversion to interviews, it’s easy to forget that she was once on that promo grind like everyone else. And she was more open that most — at least in the early days of Destiny’s Child. Never forget her iconic side-eye and cough when Kelly Rowland called herself the group’s “second lead vocalist” or the time she spoke about wanting to spy on “this one guy” in another vintage clip, which has randomly exploded on Twitter.

In one of the funniest interviews of all time, the girls are asked who they would spy on. Kelly takes the high moral ground, insisting: “I don’t think I would spy on anybody because so many people try to spy on us and you know how it feels like to have your privacy invaded.” She then has a change of heart. “Although if I had a boyfriend and I got like a little hint that he was playing on me or something like that, then I’d probably spy on him. Possibly.”

Beyonce, in comparison, can’t contain her enthusiasm. “I would spy on this one guy cause I just want to know like… sometimes guys play games, a lot of times you don’t know how they really feel,” she muses seriously. “I just want to hear his conversation with him and a bunch of guys in the room. You know how y’all talk. I just want to hear what he has to say.” That’s when Michelle Williams does some digging to find out what guys actually talk about.

My favorite bit, however, comes at the end when the ladies are asked which animal they would like to be for the day — again, this is one hell of a strange interview — and Beyonce delivers this deadpan response. “I know what I’d be. A whale. I love whales. I love whales since I was a little girl.” Kelly is just as sure. “I would be a bird because they can fly. Not only can they fly but they can travel all over the world.” And Michelle? “I would like to be a black panther.” Watch below.

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