You Tried It: The Good, The Bad & The Calvin Harris Of This Week’s Reader Comments

Robbie Daw | July 8, 2016 5:20 pm

With everything happening in our world over the past several weeks, it’s clear we are living through extremely volatile, highly uncertain days. And often in times like this, we turn to entertainment as a comfort.

The realm of pop music provided a few distractions from the “real world” this week. And as is often the case, art can also prove to be a reflection on the times.

Like every Friday, we’ve rounded up several of our readers’ comments from the past week. This time around we just did it with a bit of a heavy heart.

Golden Merit Of Impatience: David Hoadley

Some things just aren’t a virtue for this outspoken Facebook follower of ours, who had strong words for G-Eazy’s latest update on his forever forthcoming Britney Spears collaboration.


Tea Spiller Of The Week: Michael English

Ooh La La. This gent didn’t believe us when we said Petite Meller’s pastel-pink “Milk Bath” video is absolutely nuts.

“Ugh. Goldfrapp Ride A White Horse owns the pastel pale. It’s a decent song (most of hers aren’t for me) but her obsession with Graceland annoys me. I wish she was better.”


The Purplest Shade-Thrower: James Fluker

Demi Lovato covered Prince’s “Purple Rain” at the Boston Pops Firework Spectacular. James wasn’t impressed.

“I love Demi, but all I can say/hear is that she sounded really… pleasant.”

Fergalicious Convert: Dawaune Lamont Hayes

Dawaune came around to “M.I.L.F. $” after we pointed out that Fergie’s girl squad is the one we’ve been waiting for, and the one we deserve.

“This is a great piece. I was initially suspicious of the headline and the possible mishandling of feminist advocacy, particularly from a male writer, but I appreciate your deep evaluation and use of counterpoint to validate your claims rather than asserting your own. M.I.L.F.$ was a little jarring to me at first, mostly sonically, as it sounded like it wanted to cram every musical trope into a clapping beat, but after a few listens it certainly grew on me. And after reading this I like it even more.”

And finally…

The Most: Calvin Harris (yes, that Calvin Harris)

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