Charli XCX Hired PC Music Founder A.G. Cook As Her Creative Director

Carl Williott | July 13, 2016 10:22 am

Yesterday (July 12) came word that Charli XCX is very close to finishing her new album, which she has already described as party music that skews electronic and “the most pop thing” she’s ever done. We know she’s on a hyper-pop run, having worked with SOPHIE and various PC Music artists on her Vroom Vroom EP. But now we’ve learned how strong her PC Music affinity is, as the label’s founder, A.G. Cook, has officially signed on as Charli’s creative director.

The news was included in a press release for Cook’s new single, “Superstar.” The two British artists first crossed paths when Cook remixed Charli’s Rita Ora collab “Doing It” over a year ago. Pretty soon after that, Charli turned her back on the sound of Sucker and has been exploring more aggressive electronic productions.

Cook’s hiring by Charli is another indicator that PC Music’s brand of tongue-in-cheek sugar-pop is no momentary fad. Though it hasn’t been officially released yet, Carly Rae Jepsen‘s collab with the crew’s Danny L Harle already has pop geeks drooling, and earlier this year, Caroline Polachek and Harle struck synthetic gold on “Ashes Of Love.” If anyone can take the imprint’s oddball sensibilities and turn it into an unsuspecting anthem, it’s Charli.

Listen to “Superstar” below, which comes ahead of PC Music’s Pop City RBMA showcase on July 20 featuring Cook, Harle, Hannah Diamond, QT and “very special guests.”