Taylor Swift Can’t Sue Kanye & Kim Because She Knew Others Were Listening In On The Phone Call

Carl Williott | July 19, 2016 9:57 am

Taylor Swift threatened Kimye with legal action for recording their phone call about “Famous,” but it turns out she can’t sue or seek criminal charges against Kanye West or Kim Kardashian because she knew other people were listening in on the call, according to TMZ.

West’s end of the call happened in California, where the law states that a “confidential communication” cannot be recorded without the other party’s consent — but since Taylor could hear others in the room during the call while she was on speakerphone, and even heard Rick Rubin contribute to the discussion, then it was by definition not a “confidential” communication.

As TMZ notes, “There’s no doubt listening to the full tape … Taylor knew she was being overheard.” You just know Kim got legal counsel to make sure everything was airtight before leaking the thing.

And so Rick Rubin has saved Kanye’s ass once again.