Former G.R.L. Diva Emmalyn Estrada Goes Solo With “#FreeTitties”

The G.R.L. Girls Go Wild In "Ugly Heart"
The ladies of G.R.L. turn the tables in their fiery "Ugly Heart" video.

G.R.L. was only together for a brief period of time, but the girl group made a lasting impression with killer pop tunes like “Ugly Heart” (their finest moment) and Pitbull collaboration “Wild Wild Love.” It was only a matter of time until the ladies embarked on solo careers and Lauren Bennett got the ball rolling with piano ballad “Hurricane.” Next up is Emmalyn Estrada, who is going to raise a lot of eyebrows with racy debut “#FreeTitties,” which is actually a lot deeper than the title suggests.

“Many females like me are told from a young age to feel ashamed of our bodies, to feel inferior to men in some ways,” the 24-year-old wrote on Facebook. The news shows unending violence and swearing, but requires censorship of the female nipple. Social media sites take down images of women breastfeeding and breast cancer survivors but have little censorship of hate speech and violence.”

“I wrote #FreeTitties as an act of embracing this truth, in the hope that this song takes one stride forward among many that have been taken, and many still needed,” she continued. “I encourage everyone to take a minute to think about their own values and opinions on the subject. Should women be treated differently than men? Aren’t women just as capable, just as worthy, just as beautiful as men? If you answered yes to those questions, I invite you to join me and so many others in our quest to #FreeTitties.”

As for the song? Well, it’s a slinky bop with a distinctly memorable chorus: “Freedom’s taking over, take that shirt right off my shoulder. I just wanna free my titties, they just wanna be free!” Listen below.

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