You Tried It: The Good, The Bad & The Lady Gaga Of This Week’s Reader Comments

Katherine Barner | July 22, 2016 5:03 pm

This week seemed to be chock-full of nostalgia. We revisited the Pokémon: The First Movie soundtrack, Gwen Stefani and Eve blew our minds at Jones Beach in New York, Justin Bieber brought back “Never Say Never” with Jaden Smith at Madison Square Garden and the world still seems to be stuck in the Taylor Swift/Kim K/Kanye West drama of last week. In other news, we spoke with John Newman on his latest Calvin Harris-penned single “Olé” and got all kinds of feels when Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney broke up. We also found out the ridiculous amount of money that Selena Gomez could earn per Instagram post and proceeded to have existential crises about what it is we’re doing wrong with our lives.

Like always, our readers had something to say on their favorite (and least favorite) pop celebs. Let’s look back.

Newest Member of the Kim Kardashian Fan Club: Jo Calderone

It seems the Kardashians have themselves a new fan post-#KimExposesTaylorParty.

I finally love the Kardashians! 

Most Likely To Actually Be Mariah Carey: Danita Kokupya

Last month, Demi Lovato threw shade at Mariah Carey, and Danita is still a little salty about it.

Most Likely To Tell Off A Celeb: Kian Bandelaria

Because no one needs to get up to $550,000 per Instagram post. Not even Selena.

Truth Teller Of The Week Juan Pablo Ruiz Velasco

Don’t pretend that the Lady Gaga breakup statement didn’t simultaneously break your heart and give you hope for love.

Most Likely To Make You Feel Guilty For No Reason: @huntycamila

Really? This is your reaction to some awesome Jessie J news? Huh…

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