Meghan Trainor At L.A.’s Greek Theatre: Self Empowerment Reigns

Caila Ball-Dionne | July 23, 2016 10:33 am

Meghan Trainor hit the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles Friday (July 22) night for the fifth stop on her Untouchable Tour. Opening act Hailee Steinfeld joined the Grammy-winning “No” singer for a night encouraging self-love, empowerment and vintage girl power to a sold out crowd of Megatrons.

Actress-turned-pop star Hailee Steinfeld performed the four tracks from debut EP Haiz along with three bonus songs. The 19 year old wore a black-and-white jumpsuit that can best be described as a bedazzled version of Katniss Everdeen’s Hunger Games uniform (sporty and spicy), and had the crowd on its feet for new single “Starving,” Pitch Perfect 2’s “Flashlight” and cover of Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself.” It was backup track-heavy, but energetic – essential pop star material. Steinfeld closed with her own self-empowerment anthem, “Love Myself,” a perfect message for her largely young, female crowd, and a perfect segue into Meghan Trainor’s headline.

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Clad in her first of four sparkle-forward concert dresses and “please don’t fall” heels (she didn’t), Meghan Trainor took the stage. The 22-year-old got the show started with three songs from Thank You – “Woman Up,” “Watch Me Do,” and “Me Too” – dazzling with her powerhouse voice and high-heeled choreography before profusely thanking the crowd for coming. “You could be doing 100 other things, like Cheesecake Factory,” she acknowledged, perhaps campaigning for the Pop Star Who Is the Most Like All of You position recently vacated by Taylor Swift.

Trainor didn’t hold back with crowd-pleasing hits from Title, peppering “Dear Future Husband,” “Lips Are Movin,” and – of course – “All About That Bass” into her set. She even managed to wrangle a John Legend fill-in for a “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” duet: The Late Late Show’s James Corden. All that Carpool Karaoke experience had him well prepared for the moment. The only guest performer who arguably outshone Corden was Trainor’s father, Gary, who pulled out his best dad moves on stage for “Dance Like Yo Daddy.”

The rest of the set was filled with a mix of energetic songs highlighting Trainor’s own dance moves — like “I Love Me,” “Champagne Problems,” and “I Won’t Let You Down” — and acoustic numbers that put the focus squarely on her on-point vocals (“Hopeless Romantic” and “Just a Friend to You”). As she has done at previous stops on this tour, Trainor included a cover of Drake’s “One Dance” for good measure.

Meghan saved recent Top 10 hit “No” for her encore, and despite the untouchable message in the song and the tour’s title, it seems as though she is anything but. Everyone from tweenage Megatrons to their chaperoning dads found themselves singing and bopping along, ultimately connecting with the singer-songwriter’s performance and message.

Trainor’s radiance was contagious, and fans exited the show with a little more inner sparkle than when they entered.

Hailee Steinfeld setlist:

You’re Such A
Rock Bottom
Hell Nos And Headphones
Love Yourself (Justin Bieber cover)
Love Myself

Meghan Trainor setlist:

Woman Up
Watch Me Do
Me Too
Dear Future Husband
Lips Are Movin
Dance Like Yo Daddy
All About That Bass
Good to Be Alive (instrumental)
Kindly Calm Me Down
Hopeless Romantic
Just a Friend to You
Like I’m Gonna to Lose You (Featuring James Corden)
Throwback Love
I Love Me
Champagne Problems
I Won’t Let You Down
One Dance (Drake Cover)
Thank You

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