Martin Garrix And Bebe Rexha Have A Single Called “In The Name Of Love” Coming

Robbie Daw | July 25, 2016 12:58 pm

Pop radio listeners will know Martin Garrix from the 20-year-old’s 2013 breakthrough hit “Animals,” and also perhaps from the Dutch DJ’s pair-up with Usher, “Don’t Look Down,” two years after that. And Bebe Rexha, co-writer of Eminem and Rihanna‘s chart-topper “The Monster,” found success last year with her Top 10 G-Eazy collab, “Me, Myself & I.”

Both artists have yet to land a super-sized smash hit, however, and so perhaps their just announced joint single “In The Name Of Love” will do the trick? The song was first premiered by Garrix at the Ultra Music fest in March. It officially arrives this Friday, July 29, as part of a new deal Garrix signed with Sony Music International. (In the US, he’s signed to RCA.)

In a press release, “In The Name Of Love” is described as “a proper song that’s been sculpted into a floor-ready bomb and carries all the emotion and impact that great pop music should always have.”

Got that? Check back later this week to hear Martin and Bebe’s pair-up.

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