JoJo Teases New Album With Moving Promo Video

Mike Wass | July 25, 2016 7:27 pm
JoJo Interview
We speak to JoJo about her comeback, Tringle and new material. Find out more.

After blessing us with the holy Tringle, things went a little quiet on the JoJo front. Which was cause for concern given her history with record labels. Excitingly, album number three appears to be on track with the arrival of a new promo video. “Everything starts with music for me,” the 25-year-old says in the moving clip comprised (largely) of home movies. “It’s been the most consistent thing in my life.” She then lays her cards on the table. “I don’t have a schtick, I don’t have an angle. It’s just me and my music. It’s time.”

As for the music, JoJo treats us to a snippet of a new track in the video. “Everyone rises, everyone falls,” she sings on the gorgeous piano ballad. “Everyone spends some nights alone, but every high every low you never left me on my own.” That takes us to the soaring chorus: “Tell me who, who would I be without you?” It’s unclear if it’s dedicated to her fans or late father (or both), but the “When Love Hurts” hitmaker has never sounded better. Grab a tissue and watch up top.

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