No More Wynter: Diana Gordon Reintroduces Herself With “The Legend Of”

Mike Wass | July 25, 2016 9:35 pm

Wynter Gordon has come a long way since she first made waves as the featured vocalist on Flo Rida’s “Sugar.” The 30-year-old went through a club phase (debut LP With The Music I Die remains one of the better dance-pop albums of the decade), dabbled in alt-pop on a string of critically-acclaimed EPs and then penned a trio of tracks for Beyonce’s game-changing Lemonade album (“Sorry,” “Don’t Hurt Yourself” and “Daddy Issues”). She now reintroduces herself — as Diana Gordon — via an autobiographical anthem called “The Legend Of.”

“I was born poor put the struggle back in fashion,” Diana sing/raps over a trap beat. “I thank God for my story and my passion.” She then references her big break, “I know you all want to call me Beyonce — I just got a fat check from Beyonce!” It plays like a musical summary of the diva’s life, which is the whole point. “It blends music I enjoy, the unique tones that make up my voice and is a celebration of my achievements and lessons I’ve learned disguised as failures,” she explained to Fader. Listen below.

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