Rihanna Trolls, Appears Topless On Her New ‘ANTI’ Tour Apparel

Carl Williott | July 26, 2016 11:10 am

After a rocky start to the year and the ANTI era, Rihanna is firing on all cylinders. She worked her way to a No. 1 single for nine weeks, landed a role in Bates Motel, nabbed a headline slot at Global Citizen Festival and now she’s set to just rake in the cash with her racy tour merch.

The star’s been on the road in support of the album for a couple months now, but the 405 points out the accompanying apparel is finally available online at Colette. With the cherry-picked slogans and script, it feels like a cross between the Beyoncé-era merch and Kanye’s Pablo gear. But Rihanna ups the DGAF factor, as she does, with hoodies and shirts declaring “role model” alongside screenprints of the star in various states of undress, including fully topless on a pair of t-shirts (and it’s the real thing, not that “Famous” video replica).

rihanna anti tour merch shirt topless

Head here to shop the full collection.