Frank Ocean Is Live Streaming Something Right Now [Update: It Wasn’t A Live Stream]

Carl Williott | August 1, 2016 9:10 am

UPDATE 2: It’s official: Boys Don’t Cry is out Friday (August 5).

UPDATE: Another curveball emerges as we learn that the video was not a live stream, despite the “live broadcast” descriptor that shows up in the player. The Fader spoke to artist Tom Sachs, whose Toyan’s speaker installation is seen in Ocean’s workshop video (on the right in that photo). Sachs says he was directly involved with the video and that it “was shot in the past year.”

This must mean somewhere, the staircase is already completed…could it be a metaphor for an already-done album?


Frank Ocean sort of promised a new album in July 2015, and it never happened. Then he sort of promised a new album in July 2016, and that never happened. However, right at the deadline as the calendar flipped to August overnight, he posted a mysterious live stream to his infrequently updated site. For a few hours the black-and-white video just showed a couple workbenches in a warehouse…but this morning at 9 a.m. ET some activity began.

A music loop started playing and someone (Frank?) walked across the shot and began doing what appears to be some carpentry work. There’s also an Apple Music logo in the corner, so this is official stuff. Could it be a stream of the whole album?

Watch here to find out (you’ll need Safari).