Is Frank Ocean Building A Staircase?

Carl Williott | August 1, 2016 1:20 pm

UPDATE: It’s official: Boys Don’t Cry is out Friday (August 5).

There’ve been a lot of confounding/creative album teaser campaigns in the wake of Beyoncé‘s surprise release of her self-titled album in 2013. But Frank Ocean‘s sophomore album rollout could be the most vexing yet. First a magazine launch was hinted at, then a mockup of a library book insert and today came an unannounced Apple Music-sponsored live stream from a warehouse. As of this writing, it’s still unclear what exactly we’re witnessing, but for the past four hours, it has appeared to show Ocean woodworking as various instrumentals play. But one theory about the performance art/tease has emerged on Twitter.

He’s building a staircase. Vulture points out that back in March, someone tweeted about meeting a guy at a bar who proceeded to explain that he was training Ocean “to build a staircase for a music video.”

Today, the same user expressed his surprise at the apparent validity of the guy’s claims.


Watch the progress here (gotta use Safari).