What Happened To Britney Spears’ “Make Me” Video?

Mike Wass | August 1, 2016 6:34 pm
Pop Perspective: Britney's "Make Me"
We rate and review Britney Spears and G-Eazy's new collab "Make Me."

A rumor that Britney Spears’ “Make Me” video had been scrapped gained traction on Twitter over the weekend. No receipts were produced, but fans became increasingly convinced — citing the song’s lack of promotion and iTunes free fall. Well, spritz yourself in Private Show and unclench. The pop icon just confirmed that the visual is coming in an Australian radio interview. “The video that I just shot is me and all my girls,” she told Rove & Sam. “We’re making guys audition for us.”

“The whole theme is us basically playing with them,” Britney continued. “It’s really kind of fun.” This where it gets a little complicated. That synopsis doesn’t really match the various leaks that have appeared online, prompting further speculation that the video has been reshot. At this point, only time will tell. In other news, the 34-year-old described the overarching themes of her new album as “intimacy, being in love, being a hopeless romantic.” So, when’s it coming? “I really have no idea.” Well then. Listen to the full interview below.

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