Kanye Sent James Corden Three Dozen White Roses After Canceling On Carpool Karaoke Twice

Rachel Sonis | August 2, 2016 12:30 pm

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably seen at least a snippet of James Corden‘s popular Late Late Show segment Carpool Karaoke. You know, the one where high-profile celebrities (previous participants include Michelle Obama, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber) belt out tunes with Corden on his ride to work. And in the upcoming issue of British GQ, the British show host revealed that Kanye West has been slated to do the segment a few times now. But, unfortunately, the Chicago rapper has canceled on him not once, but twice.

“Kanye has been booked to do Carpool Karaoke now twice and both times something came up,” Corden said. “He’ll do it eventually. He wants to do it. [When he cancelled he sent] about three dozen white roses, of course. Arranged in the shape of a cube. What could be more Kanye than that?”

The British comedian also revealed the one person he’s truly hoping to some day ride to work with. And it’s pretty much the dream scenario for everyone else as well.

“[The dream would be] Beyonce,” he said. “It would break the internet. She’s on tour right now. We’re working on it.”

Read more highlights from the interview here, and watch his latest Carpool Karaoke with the First Lady and Missy Elliott below.

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