Is This The Tracklist Of Britney Spears’ ‘Glory’ LP?

Mike Wass | August 4, 2016 6:44 pm

EDIT: This tracklist has been amended to reflect new information.

A screengrab of Britney Spears’ purported Glory tracklist has been doing the rounds on social media today (August 4) and the general consensus is that it looks legit. At the very least, there’s nothing glaringly out of place. “Make Me” and “Private Show” are there, as well as previously-announced track “Man On The Moon” and a not entirely unexpected Missy Elliott collaboration. Speaking of features, Ty Dolla $ign and Cashmere Cat also potentially appear on the LP.

Intriguingly, a number of the other tracks have been registered — so we know who wrote them. Purported album opener “Invitation” is co-written by Justin Tranter and Julia Michaels (Selena Gomez’s “Hands To Myself” and Justin Bieber’s “Sorry”), while “Liar” appears to be Jason Evigan’s handiwork. (He wrote and produced Nick Jonas’ “Chains”). Interestingly, Britney has a writing credit on “Just Luv Me,” so keep an ear out for that. If it actually exists. See the (hopefully not imaginary) tracklist below.

Britney’s rumored Glory tracklist:

1. Invitation
2. Make Me (feat. G-Eazy)
3. Private Show
4. Clumsy
5. Walk Of Fame (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)
6. Just Luv Me (feat. Cashmere Cat)
7. Liar
8. Trick Or Treat (feat. Missy Elliott)
9. Take Control
10. Glory
11. Accelerate
12. Man On the Moon


The latest (rumored) version of the tracklist:

1. Invitation
2. Make Me (feat. G-Eazy)
3. Private Show
4. Man On The Moon
5. What U Need
6. Clumsy
7. Just Like Me
8. Slumber Party
9. Capsize
10. Liar
11. In My Mind (feat. Missy Elliott)
12. Rose

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