You Tried It: The Good, The Bad & The #Glory Of This Week’s Reader Comments

Katherine Barner | August 5, 2016 5:03 pm

Britney Spears completely dominated pop news this week. The pop superstar finally announced the release date of her upcoming album Glory, and fans were really upset with the appearance of her album cover. In fact, some were irate enough to start a petition to change the cover art.

Spears track “Private Show” left us wondering if she’s the fourth member of the Chipmunks, but with more glitter and less clothing than the already pants-less rodents. Britney also hopped into bed with Jimmy Kimmel and teased us with the video for “Make Me” on Instagram. Honestly, who cares what else happened this week? Britney’s back!

Our readers had a lot of opinions on all the news of America’s favorite nasal-toned songbird. Let’s look at the best and worst of the comments, Britney edition.

Most Likely To Piss Off A Feminist: John Favies

With all the Brit rumors that have been popping up this week, some people have been left, let’s say, frustrated. This troll takes the cake, and apparently needed a little vent session. Prep yourself, it’s an earful.

“If this is true (that the original video has been scrapped) I am officially DONE with this bitch. As a long time fan, I’m sick of Britney and her squad of loser management trying to temper everything down because she’s a “MOM”. Yo Britney, guess what? If you want to be seen as a mom, how about not making music videos where you’re writhing around in seeming ecstasy or behaving like a total whore. Kinda reminds me of how I am when I’m feeling desperate and lonely and I’ll hit up my hookups and say the whoriest stuff, but then, when I’ve slept it off and I’m in my right mind I’m like WTF… difference being, that I am NOT being filmed. If Brit Isn’t comfortable with her image on stage/set , she should stop marketing herself as a pole dancer and actually focus on some other things, for example, maybe singing? Some quality dancing (and I am not talking about those spasmodic arm movements we’ve been treated to the last few years). Dare I say, Brit’s fan base are the most forgiving in the universe… I mean, there are still people trying to convince themselves that make me is even half decent instead of this horribly synthy mess that it is, or that she has that old spark back. Seems to me that Britney and her public image are so heavily protected that the bitch barely has breathing space. She soooooo longs to be desirable, but lacks the balls to actually go through with it like she would back in her golden era. Typical cocktease stuff. Which is what she always has been really. Except now, she’s no longer the post pubescent teen she once was – 34 yrs old with 2 kids… literally NO ONE is begging her to play the whore. Damn, the most I could hope for Britney is that she be left alone with her family to enjoy her life, get fat, and do whatever the hell she pleases…. anything but continuing to offer us this watered down version of herself which is quite frankly a major YAWN. Fuck u Britney.”

Most Likely To Be Disappointed After Getting Over-Excited For An Epic Brit Comeback: David Hoadley

Some people were maybe a little too thrilled for the announcement of Britney’s new album. We’ve all been there.

Most Likely To Make Poop Jokes Past The Age Of 12: Joe Joseph

And some had less mature reactions. Yes, the album title is Glory. Let’s be adults about this.

Most Likely To Start A Britney Spears CultAndy (aka Michael)

Some of Britney’s longtime fans are really devoted.