Actually, Frank Ocean May Release His New Album In November Instead

Christina Lee | August 6, 2016 10:55 am
Frank Ocean Snapchat Filters
Entertain yourself with these amusing new filters, until he finally drops his new album.

No, Frank Ocean did not release his new album on August 5, as widely reported. Now, fans are looking back at that library due date slip posted to the reclusive singer’s website, in search of any other signs of life.

As a result, folks are coming to terms with how they may have to wait three more months for new music. There is only one other stamped date on that slip that hasn’t passed yet: November 13, 2016.

Frank hasn’t posted any other updates on what is reportedly titled Boys Don’t Cry, since the Apple Music video of his woodworking station from earlier this week. Revisit the library due date slip, courtesy of Frank’s younger brother Ryan Breaux, below.


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