New Find: Montaigne’s Extraordinarily Good “Because I Love You”

Mike Wass | August 9, 2016 9:08 pm
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Like Meg Mac before her, Montaigne got her big break via Triple J’s Unearthed (a competition to discover new Australian talent). The Sydney singer released a promising EP in 2014 called Life Of Montaigne, but has really flourished since then — diving headfirst into dizzyingly quirky art-pop on debut LP, Glorious Heights. Lead singles “Clip My Wings” and “In The Dark” give you some idea what to expect, but the third cut is shaping up to be her commercial breakthrough.

Sounding like a cross between ’80s Kate Bush and Marina And The Diamonds (on ecstasy), “Because I Love You” is a serotonin-raising revelation. “I ate a salad today, I ate one yesterday too,” Jessica Cerro (her real name) chirps over perky piano keys and squiggly ’80s synths. “You told me I was precious, now I think that I am too.” It’s alt enough for the cool kids and catchy enough to find love at top 40 radio. Take a listen to Montaigne’s latest gem below.

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