Rihanna Is Just Like Us, Crushes McDonald’s While In Europe

Carl Williott | August 16, 2016 9:44 am

You’re visiting Europe. You’re loving the fine cheeses and can’t believe how much better a tomato tastes over there. And the pastries, wow. You wish the beer was colder, but still, it beats whatever swill you’d be drinking back home. But then at about the five-day mark on your trip, you get The Hunger. You need American food. Good ol’ processed garbage calories. So what do you do? You hit up a European McDonald’s, the closest approximation.

If you’ve traveled abroad, you’ve been there — and so has Rihanna. Because she’s just like us.

Over the weekend, video surfaced of the star hitting up the Golden Arches in Switzerland — probably after her show in Zurich — and it looks like they ran up a nice bill, as she was wearing the long receipt under her glasses as an improvised mask.

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The best part, though, is that she leaves carrying the two bags of food (and straws) herself, probably so she can snatch up the loose fries, because she is just like us.

Rihanna at McDonald’s in Zurich.

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