Lana Del Rey Dabbles In Synth-Pop On Glorious 2011 Demo “BBM Baby”

Mike Wass | August 16, 2016 8:30 pm
Lana Del Rey's "Super Movie" Surfaces Online
Lana Del Rey is nothing if not prolific. Listen to unreleased gem "Super Movie."

Lana Del Rey’s leaky laptop is the 8th wonder of the world. From “Queen Of Disaster” and “Serial Killer” to “Super Movie,” a steady stream of unreleased material continues to trickle online. The latest gem to randomly appear on YouTube is “BBM Baby” — an adorable synth-pop experiment from 2011. “Be my BBM baby. Middle of the night, waking up to write,” she coos on the Penguin Prison-produced ode to Blackberry Messenger. “Be my BBM baby. I don’t want to fight, you’re the one I like.”

“She came over and we worked on a song a while ago,” the producer told Filter in 2011. “It was called BBM Baby, I guess it was about her Blackberry Messenger.” He then explained how the unreleased collaboration came about. “I met her like two years ago and hung out with her a bunch in London and New York. She’s funny, she’s a very entertaining person to hang out with, and she has a wonderful singing voice.” As much as I love my LDR pitch black, this frothy gem is an absolute delight. Listen below.

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