Alicia Keys On Album Six: “I’ve Created Something Timeless”

Mike Wass | August 17, 2016 5:27 pm
Alicia Keys' "In Common" (Kaskade Remix)
Alicia Keys' "In Common" gets a massive club overhaul from Kaskade. Listen.

Alicia Keys isn’t taking any chances with album number six. The R&B superstar has overhauled her sound, image and social media presence, and has even signed up for The Voice in order to remind fans that she’s… well, still here. That would all be for nothing if she didn’t have the music to back it up, but the 15-time Grammy winner is confident. “I think I’ve created something timeless, music that could come out today or 30 years from now,” she told Ebony magazine. “It will remain powerful.”

The 35-year-old also revealed that the album was delayed for a very, very good reason. “I’m a touring artist, so after the release of Girl On Fire in 2012, I did the promo and toured around for that album,” Alicia explains. “That was about a two-year process. When I returned from being on the road, I was all fired up. I was excited to be in the studio, and the music was flowing… it felt like the best music I’d ever created.” But then she got some good news.

“The sound was totally alive and outrageous, then somewhere in the middle of it all, we were like, ‘Uh, oh; we’re pregnant.’ My team and I were just about to put out a record, and everything got put on hold. So yes, life happened, and it’s beautiful.” I’m cautiously optimistic about this album. “In Common” is one of the year’s best singles — easily the best thing she’s done since 2010’s “Un-thinkable (I’m Ready).”

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