Frank Ocean Isn’t The Only Former Odd Future Crooner Who Just Released New Music

Carl Williott | August 19, 2016 3:21 pm

Syd, once Odd Future‘s resident female member and currently the frontwoman for neo-soul band The Internet, has released solo track “Amazing.” Now, you might see our posting this as a ploy to get some more cheap Frank Ocean clicks by shoehorning his name into another headline on this, The Day Of Endless. You’d be right! But it’s also because this is a good song, as are most songs Syd’s involved in, and it’s a tidy little reminder that, oh yeah, Frank Ocean used to be in Odd Future.

It was produced by Dornik, it’s a lovely account of being infatuated with someone and it has hilarious track art. And hopefully it’ll get an SEO boost amidst the Frank Ocean traffic spurt.

Check it out below.