New Find: Frank Gamble’s “Heart Speaks” & You Need To Listen

Carl Williott | August 23, 2016 3:37 pm

Whenever a music act goes the anonymous identity route, the first question is always “Would I care about this music if I knew who was making it?” I don’t know why the facelessness is such a point of intrigue for people, myself included, but it just is. Enter mysterious act Frank Gambleapparently a duo, possibly British, definitely signed to PMR Records.

They’ve been cultivating some solid buzz over the past few months, from the likes of MTV, Pigeons & Planes and Annie Mac. After their first two or three songs, I was intrigued, but wasn’t quite sold that the music lived up to its elusive presentation. But hey, I’ve been wrong before. And I was wrong again, because new track “Heart Speaks” made me a believer.

It’s colossal and dizzying, too busy to be synth-pop, too big to be indie pop, too catchy to be alt-pop. It’s simply Really Good Pop, and it sounds better than most of the factory-made digi-dumps that big name producers are depositing onto the top of the charts these days.