Melanie Martinez Must Out-Wit The Big Bad Wolf In “Tag, You’re It / Milk And Cookies” Double Video: Watch

Robbie Daw | August 24, 2016 1:41 pm

Just like the creature double-features from days gone by, Cry Baby diva Melanie Martinez has served up an unsettling two-for-one video epic to accompany her tracks “Tag, You’re It” and “Milk And Cookies.” At the center of the creepfest is a Big Bad Wolf type villain, who aims to drug and, um, possibly decapitate poor Mel, or at least force her to do his bidding with baked goods.

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The wonderfully bizarre extravaganza begins with our heroine twirling down the suburban streets and doing a bit of grocery shopping in a market straight out of Wonderland. Martinez is then slipped a Mickey Finn by the wolf via an ice cream cone.

It all gets a bit trippy from there, but (spoiler!) Melanie manages to one-up her captor in the end.

Watch Melanie Martinez’s self-directed double feature above.

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