Katy Perry’s “Rise” Gets An Official Remix From Purity Ring: Listen

Carl Williott | August 26, 2016 10:06 am

Purity Ring had a not insignificant role in shaping the soupy digital sound that currently dominates pop. And now they offer up an official remix of Katy Perry‘s “Rise,” which makes total sense now that I think about it: Hidden under the uplifting anthem of the original is the type of sparse, trappy murk and far-off synth ribbons that Purity Ring made their name on in 2012.

So for the rework, the duo deconstructs the song and makes it more beat-centric, even throwing in a little dancehall rhythm. It’s off the Rise Remixes set Perry just released today, which also features versions from Monsieur Adi and TĀLĀ. Hear all three below.