MTV Video Music Awards 2016: Watch Britney Spears Perform “Make Me” With G-Eazy

Carl Williott | August 28, 2016 11:33 pm

Britney Spears made her MTV VMAs comeback tonight. Hurray! Unfortunately, she was in the unenviable position of performing immediately after Beyoncé‘s arena-shattering Lemonade extravaganza. That’s low, even for MTV producers. But she made the most of it, and at the very least officially and finally put that 2007 VMAs debacle behind her.

She had some help from G-Eazy, and the two performed “Make Me” and got very touchy-feely. In the middle of copping some feels they also managed to sneak in a few bars from G-Eazy’s Bebe Rexha hit “Me, Myself & I.”

There was also a maybe unplanned non-kiss that looked like Britney rejecting Mr. Eazy on live TV? But the best part? Britney finished with a big smile. Watch below, and catch up on all the VMAs performances right here.