Justin Bieber (Accidentally?) Returns To Instagram, And *Nobody* Could’ve Seen This Coming

Carl Williott | August 29, 2016 10:53 am


But as of this writing the account is still there.


Sometimes there’s a news story that just shakes you to the core, that makes you question everything you thought you understood about the world.

Sometimes there are moments that remind you why you’re so obsessed with music, that make you really appreciate the beauty and mystery of art made of sounds, and the unending amusement of talking about it and deconstructing it.

Justin Bieber is back on Instagram.

Two weeks after deactivating his account due to a big dust-up with his fans, the star decided to sneak back on while everyone was occupied with the VMAs, quietly reactivating his account overnight without marking the return with a post. Now if you go to his profile everything is as it was.

We’re all just matter and nothing matters.