Beyonce’s Show-Stealing MTV VMAs Medley: The Aftermath In Tweets

Mike Wass | August 29, 2016 3:17 pm
MTV VMAs: Beyonce's Brilliant Medley
Beyonce raised the bar at the 2016 MTV VMAs with a brilliant 'Lemonade' medley.

Beyonce stole the show at last night’s MTV VMAs. That’s not hyperbole. While Rihanna showcased her versatility with a quartet of hit-filled medleys and Britney Spears’ wiped away the stain of that 2007 performance with a solid showing, Queen Bey delivered a deeply profound mini-opera that touched on issues as diverse as gun violence and the oppression of black women without missing a note or dance-step. It was a bravura display that confirmed the 34-year-old’s standing as music’s greatest live performer. And The Hive made sure everyone knew about it on social media.

The memes came thick and fast as fans expressed their appreciation of Bey’s performance (Twitter was slayed, snatched and given eternal life by the “Hold Up” hitmaker’s mega-medley). And then, as it dawned on everyone that the superstar had stolen Rihanna and Britney’s thunder, the shade came thick and fast. Which made social media exceptionally hilarious entertainment for a couple of hours. If you don’t have time to wade through your timeline, I’ve rounded up some of the funniest (and most accurate) tweets of the night below. Take a deep breath and start scrolling.

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