The 2016 VMAs Flopped In The Ratings, But There’s A Silver Lining

Mike Wass | August 29, 2016 6:39 pm
MTV VMAs: Beyonce's Brilliant Medley
Beyonce raised the bar at the 2016 MTV VMAs with a brilliant 'Lemonade' medley.

Here’s the bad news. The 2016 MTV Video Music Awards were a ratings disaster. Despite an all-star line-up featuring Britney Spears, Rihanna and surprise guest Beyonce (maybe they should have announced her appearance), the show plummeted to a new low of 6.5 million viewers. That’s down from 10 million the year before. So what went wrong? While reviews of the VMAs were mixed, there’s no denying that the guest list covered most of music and social media’s major players. Perhaps, it has more to do with the way fans watched the show.

According to MTV, there was a 70 percent increase (62.8 million) in streams from last year. Facebook streaming, in particular, was up a whopping 938 percent. This could be a permanent trend. In the digital age, it’s a hard ask to get millennials in front of a TV for two hours. The preferred approach is simply to pick and choose the performances you want to see online. It not only allows you to tailor your viewing experience, but also avoid the generally awful banter between award announcements and performances.

[Via Billboard Biz].

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