Diddy Teased A Snippet Of Cassie’s New Single “Make Up” On Snapchat

Mike Wass | August 31, 2016 4:33 pm
Cassie Announces New Single "Make Up"
Finally! Cassie announced her new single "Make Up" on the red carpet at the VMAs.

Cassie got the blogs buzzing when she casually announced that she was releasing a new single on the red carpet at Sunday night’s (August 28) MTV VMAs. “I did a couple of records… not just a couple, a lot of records with Detail,” she told E! News. “So we have a single coming out called ‘Make Up,’ which I think the ladies are gonna love.” When’s it coming? “Soon.” Is it about making up with your man or the stuff you put on your face? “Makeup makeup.” (The latter). It didn’t take fans long to do a little detective work and find a snippet of the song on Diddy’s Snapchat.

While it’s hard to make out the lyrics (the song is playing at a party), “Make Up” sounds like the kind of slick, sexy bop we’ve come to expect from the R&B star. With any luck this will be the song that brings Cassie back to rhythmic radio and the charts. A decade has passed since the 30-year-old dropped her still-great debut LP and she has been threatening to release the follow-up ever since. Not that she ever went away completely. The “Me & U” diva delivered one of the best singles of 2012 with slinky bop “King Of Hearts” (Beyonce even gave her seal of approval)and teamed up with Nicki Minaj for sexy collaboration “The Boys.” Listen to a snippet of her latest below.

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