Bonnie McKee’s Quest Bar Bop “Stud Muffin” Is A (Not So) Guilty Pleasure

Mike Wass | September 7, 2016 6:45 pm
Bonnie McKee Interview
Bonnie McKee talks starting over, her 'Bombastic' EP and songwriting stories.

Bonnie McKee is the only person on the planet that could write a catchy pop song about a protein bar. Which probably explains how she ended up as the voice of Quest Bar’s new blueberry muffin-flavored snack. The singer/songwriter promotes the brand with a track called “Stud Muffin,” which includes the amazing lyric “you’re like a Quest Bar because you got the key to give me energy and keep me on my feet at the party.” It’s cute, playful and extremely camp. As far as health food-related jingles go, this is hard to beat!

It wouldn’t be a Bonnie song without a retro-influenced visual and the “I Want It All” diva outdoes herself with a Grease-themed blockbuster. The 32-year-old channels her inner Olivia Newton-John, recreating key scenes from the iconic musical. She indulges in a little choreography on the bleachers, dons those skin-tight black jeans and has a girly sleepover. A year has passed since the release of Bon’s excellent Bombastic EP, so hopefully new (non-snack related) music is on the way! In the meantime, watch “Stud Muffin” up top.

If you’re not into jingles, check out “I Want It All” instead:

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