Lady Gaga’s “Perfect Illusion” Is Finally Here!

Mike Wass | September 8, 2016 11:08 pm

It’s finally here! After a week of snippets, reveals and teasers, Lady Gaga reboots as a rock goddess on new single “Perfect Illusion.” Where does it fall in her oeuvre?

Mother Monster’s latest is more Born This Way than ARTPOP with its dark and grungy sound palette. Not that it’s a downer. As co-producer Bloodpop told Rolling Stone, “[it’s] a big rock song that makes you want to dance.” Or bang your head, at the very least. It’s certainly a departure from the dance-pop of her early albums, but Little Monsters are nothing if not supportive of their queen’s sonic adventures.

What’s it all about? “Modern ecstasy,” was the pop star’s answer at iHeartRadio’s Music Summit in New York in mid-August. “We found our sweet, simple, ragey way of saying it.”

In fact, the song had a life of its own according to Bloodpop. “They started at noon and wrote into the night,” he said of Gaga and collaborators Mark Ronson and Kevin Parker. “Every few days, a lyric would change and it would get better and better.”

Time will tell if this is a “Bad Romance”-sized hit or a footnote in her discography like “Applause.” Listen to the song below and give us your verdict in the comments.

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