Solange Knowles Writes Moving Essay After A Lime Was Thrown At Her During A Kraftwerk Show

Rachel Sonis | September 12, 2016 2:30 pm

Solange Knowles has penned a powerful essay on Saint Heron after a lime was thrown at her during a Kraftwerk concert in New Orleans, Louisiana on Friday (September 9). The singer – attending the show with her husband, son and her son’s friend – was reprimanded for dancing by a group of white women, who also proceeded to throw trash at her.

In her piece (titled “And Do You Belong? I Do”), Knowles asks the reader to simply imagine the situation.

Imagine. Telling your son and his friend Rasheed about a band you love and one that played a pivotal role in the history of hip-hop…,” she says, “Imagine, although the kids are interested, they are still 11, unfamiliar, and would rather be spending their Friday night differently.”

She proceeds to recount the incident, outlining every detail.

“You are also confused as to what show you went to,” she muses. “This is a band that were pioneers of electronic and dance music. Surely the audience is going to expect you to dance at some point.”

Knowles continued, “You were planning on sitting down after this song, as long as it wasn’t one of the four songs that you really connect with and plan on getting down to. You feel something heavy hit you on the back of your shoulder, but consider that you are imagining things because well….certainly a stranger would not have the audacity.”

The piece follows a series of tweets the singer wrote expressing her shock after the event occurred.

Read the piece in full here.

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