Long Live Our Queen: 23 Musical Reasons Why RuPaul Rules

Jonathan Riggs | September 13, 2016 10:11 am

For more than two decades, RuPaul has been adding sparkle to all-too-lusterless world. In honor of his recent Emmy win for hosting RuPaul’s Drag Race, we’re shining the spotlight on the Supermodel of the world‘s flawless discography. (After all, if you can’t love Ru’s music, how the HELL you gonna love anybody else’s? Can I get an amen?)

Rupaulogies to the iconic classics we had to leave off, but here are 23 gag-worthy gems, one for each year of RuPaul’s legendary musical legacy thus far. What are you waiting for? Get up in this gig, girl!

23. “Peanut Butter” featuring Big Freedia

Best Lyrical tRUism: “Uh huh, oh yes Honey, Due to the fact that her thighs spread just like.”
Wicked YouTube tRUth: “gonna sing this in Church this Sunday :)”

22. “A Little Bit of Love”

Best Lyrical tRUism: “Everybody say love!”
Wicked YouTube tRUth: 
“I’d love to fuck every pair of shoes that Rupaul has ever owned.”

21. “Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous”

Best Lyrical tRUism: “Uh, hand me my Blackberry, honey, I gotta text message my agency. No, not the escort agency, honey, the MODELING agency, ok?” 
Wicked YouTube tRUth: 
“I don’t think I’ve ever been this intimidated by something feminine.”

20. “Supernatural”

Best Lyrical tRUism: “Very kinky, baby, you make my nature rise.”
Wicked YouTube tRUth: 
“This is the BEST song on this album!!”