FRENSHIP & Emily Warren’s “Capsize” Video Is Destined To Go Viral

Mike Wass | September 13, 2016 2:28 pm
FRENSHIP & Emily Warren's "Capsize"
FRENSHIP have one of the summer's breakout hits on their hands with "Capsize."

Los Angeles-based duo FRENSHIP caught lightning in a bottle when they teamed up with singer/songwriter Emily Warren for “Capsize.” The gloomy banger, which taps into the downtempo dance trend (Major Lazer’s “Cold Water,” The Chainsmokers’ “Closer” etc) wreaking havoc on pop radio, has been the viral hit of the summer — racking up a whopping 160 million streams on Spotify. It should gain even more momentum with the arrival of an extremely shareable video, which finds a couple (Matthew Peacock and Kayla Kalbfleisch) indulging in a little interpretive dance. On water.

“FRENSHIP manages to capture a very complex duality in ‘Capsize,'” director Andrew Donoho explains. “Sonically the song has such a sense of joy and celebration, but the tone is dripping with longing and isolation. Building visuals for a contradiction like this was an exciting challenge.” The obvious comparison here is Sia. In many ways, “Capsize” plays like an aquatic version of “Elastic Heart” — which isn’t exactly a bad thing. Watch the video before it goes viral up top.

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