Watch Miley Cyrus Finally Live Her Dream Of Being A Real Hippie In Trailer For New Woody Allen Series

Carl Williott | September 14, 2016 1:17 pm

Miley Cyrus seems to embody all the ideals of a ’60s free spirit — or at least the stereotypical ideals that millennials ascribe to the flower power generation — and she even named her charity the Happy Hippie Foundation. In Woody Allen‘s new series Crisis In Six Scenes, she finally gets to live out that identity, playing a counterculture youth who comes into an older couple’s life in suburbia in the ’60s.

We finally get to see her live out her true destiny with the project’s trailer, which provides a brief look at her character serving as the plug and berating the previous generation.

The six-episode series was written and directed by Allen, and premieres on Amazon Video on September 30.