Alle Farben On Rising Hit “Please Tell Rosie” & His Next Single: Interview

Mike Wass | September 15, 2016 12:30 pm
Euro Hit: Alle Farben's Infectious "She Moves"
German DJ Alle Farben has a hit on his hands with hypnotic groove "She Moves."

Alle Farben first made waves in 2014 with folk-tinged pop anthem “She Moves (Far Away).” The German DJ’s debut single was a smash hit across Europe and generated significant buzz in the US. He now has another hit on his hands with “Please Tell Rosie” — a quirky house anthem with cello strings and melancholy piano chords. The lead single from Frans Zimmer’s (his real name) sophomore LP, Music Is My Best Friend, has already racked up 30 million+ streams on Spotify and boasts the kind of infectious chorus that will appeal to pop radio programmers.

So, what’s the song about? “My current life and the loss you have and the sacrifices you have to make when pursuing your dream,” the Berlin-based hitmaker revealed in our Q&A. “For example your private or social life.” Alle Farben also talked about his next single (Chris Gelbuda-voiced earworm “Bad Ideas”) and the evolution of his sound between first and second albums. “I tried to keep it more danceable,” he explains. “It includes a lot of club and festival sounds.” Get to know the rising DJ a little better in our interview below.

There seems to be a resurgence for German dance. Why is the scene so hot at the moment?
I think electronic dance music from Berlin or Germany in general has been pretty famous for a long time now. At the minute it is doing particularly well and is such a big thing all over the world.

Were you surprised by the organic international success of “She Moves (Far Away)”?
Yes, a little bit. It was the first single from my first album. I’d never expected it to be so successful.

Were you nervous about following up such a big song?
While creating the second album, Music Is My Best Friend, I was not nervous. The release was exciting. All in all, I think that it was worthy follow up to Synesthesia.

What inspired “Please Tell Rosie”?
“Please Tell Rosie” is about my current life and the loss you have and the sacrifices you have to make when pursuing your dream, for example your private or social life. But that’s it. I do what I love — making music.

Why can’t you come back until September?
The Festival Season is about to end at the end of September. Therefore I travel a lot. But I’ll be back at the end of September, I promise!

You have a knack for incorporating acoustic sounds into your music. Is that a priority for you?
It is not priority for me in my own music, but it is music I personally like. I also love to see bands on stage.

Will “Please Tell Rosie” get a US release?
Of course! I hope that I will get the chance to be there for more interviews and of course making music.

I loved your cover of “Supergirl.” Who picked the song?
The idea was conceived between myself, Anna Naklab and YOUNOTUS. We followed up with an EP with Club Sounds and of course “Please Tell Rosie”. It is always nice to work with friends.

How is Music Is My Best Friend different to your debut album?
I tried to keep it more danceable. It includes a lot of club and festival sounds. The vibe is more summer-like and less minor. Happiness is important. I would say this album is me. I love dance music, to dance and the summer. I also wanted tracks I can perform on stage.

What’s your next single?
The next single will be “Bad Ideas.” I shot the Video in LA on my last tour in the United States. I’m looking forward to releasing it! I love this song with its folk character and the voice of Chris Gelbuda. I Hope you will like it, too!

Which artists are you listening to at the moment?
This is a difficult question, because I have so many artists I like. I love Nora En Pure for example. Enormous Tunes is a label I love. Of course, I work with YOUNOTUS and I’m a big fan of their music.

How do you discover new music?
A few years ago I discovered new music through Soundcloud, but Soundcloud has changed a lot. Nowadays, Beatport and Spotify are pretty cool tools to find new music. When I find a cool track I buy it.

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