You Tried It: The Good, The Bad & The ‘Joanne’ Of This Week’s Reader Comments

Idolator Staff | September 16, 2016 4:52 pm

Phew, we made it to the end of the week. But what a week in pop music it’s been, folks.

For starters, not only did Kanye West reveal that he’s tired of making music videos, he also fired back at Kid Cudi for calling him out on Twitter. What’s more, The Chainsmokers admitted that their 2016 VMA performance “sounded like shit,” Fergie announced a 2-LP vinyl reissue for The Dutchess, and Adele performed a moving tribute to the late Amy Winehouse. And in addition to Calvin Harris, Tinashe, JoJo and BANKS all dropping songs for fans to chew on, Lady Gaga unveiled that the title for her forthcoming album is  Joanne

Of course, you, our darling readers, had a lot to say about it all. Let’s revisit this week’s best and worst reader comments.

Most Likely To Know The Definition Of Fergalicious: Lorde

We’re pretty excited about the 2-LP vinyl reissue of The Dutchess, and apparently Lorde is, too.

Kanye’s Rant Ghostwriter: Ryan Carey-Mahoney

This treasure just wants credit where credit is due. Kanye, next time you go on a rant about skinny jeans, please let Ryan know. 

Truth Teller Of The Week: Rubster

Calvin Harris released his new song “My Way” featuring himself, and Rubster had some pretty insightful thoughts about it:

Has a very “Acceptable in the 80’s” feel to it. Kind of like it. A bit repetitive though, which I guess is his goto [sic] now.


The Chainsmokers Biggest Fan:  @martinfalvarezg

Just kidding.

And finally…

The Shade Monster: Jose Rodriguez

Some people weren’t necessarily feeling the cover art for Gaga’s forthcoming album Joanne.

But others (like SoSaysDan and Keegan Campbell) were actually quite pleased:

SoSaysDan: I absolutely love how raw she’s going on this album so far. Very subtle cover art, and is stunning. Cheers

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