Demi Lovato’s “Body Say” Gets A Belated Live Video

Mike Wass | September 16, 2016 4:18 pm
Where Is Demi Lovato's "Body Say" Video?
The sexy single has been out for six weeks and there’s still no sign of a video. What gives?

Demi Lovato’s summer single “Body Say” gets a belated live video today (September 16). Comprised of footage from the Future Now Tour, the clip shows off the pop star’s vocal chops and sexy new image. I guess this means the song will never get an official visual. After all, it’s been out for two and a half months and there has been no promo since the beginning of August. Instead, the 24-year-old appears to be focussed on new material. “Studio bound… So excited for y’all to hear new music,” she tweeted on September 3.

Maybe the Sir Nolan-produced bop was too fluffy for Demi 2.0? “It’s songs like ‘Stone Cold’ that I don’t get tired of singing on tour,” she told Latina in May. “I get tired of singing ‘Give Your Heart A Break’ and even ‘Confident’ already. I have yet to reach my peak, and also, my voice is better now than it was a year ago. Now I can show people what I can do.” I guess that means we can expect a lot of ballads on D6, along with some R&B vibes. “Damn it’s gettin soulful in this studio,” reads the hitmaker’s latest update. Watch “Body Say” live up top.

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