Rita Ora’s Album Is Almost Done: “I’m Desperate To Get My Music Out”

Mike Wass | September 21, 2016 6:50 pm
Rita Ora Signs With Atlantic
British diva Rita Ora has switched from Roc Nation to Atlantic Records. Find out more.

Rita Ora has her fingers in so many pies (she’s a TV show host, model and red carpet regular) that it’s easy to forget that four years have passed since the release of her debut LP. The UK diva is hoping to rectify that in the not-too distant future. “I’m desperate to get my music out,” the 25-year-old tells the Evening Standard. “I think I’m now at a point in my life where I have a new amazing label, we really have taken it to the next level. It’s very song-based.” What direction is she taking on the album?

“It’s very real — real instruments, believable lyrics,” Rita reveals. “I’ve not only grown as an individual but as a woman. People are going to see that.” She’s also determined to keep it real this time around. “It’s just everything from my personal life to what I couldn’t do due to previous situations and now being free. I’ve never been freer than I am right now,” the pop star says. “It’s about everything from being a refugee, from flying in from Kosovo and living in London.”

So when can we expect Rita’s opus? “I’ve been in a whirlwind but I’ve honestly been living my dream,” she explains. “I was living in New York for three months filming America’s Next Top Model, now I’m in London for two months recording every day with my dream team. Then I fly to LA in October to finish the album.” If she has it in the can by the end of October, the chances of hearing something new by the end of the year are pretty high.

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